CMP6060 Touchscreen Controller

Advanced Control for Plant Growth Chambers

For researchers requiring the highest level of control in their plant growth chambers, CMP6060 provides the most advanced solution for programming environments and monitoring experimental data - all accessible from a full-color touchscreen interface mounted on the chamber. When combined with Central Management™, Conviron provides a versatile controls platform for users to manage their experiments with precision and confidence - from anywhere in the World.

Intuitive Interface

7" full-color, high resolution touchscreen with intuitive graphic interface for easy navigation. Display is replicated on Central Management, which eases remote access, training and trouble-shooting.

Easy Programming

Extended visibility of multiple timelines and processes.

At-a-Glance Monitoring

Historical trend graphs, vibrant alarm status, and easy-to-track alarm history.

Program Complex Experiments

On the touchscreen display, users can create, edit, name and store up to 16 programs (24-hour cycles) that define up to 18 control processes including temperature, humidity, lighting, carbon dioxide and other gases, watering and other connected devices. Stepped or ramped rate of change is possible depending on configuration.

Up to eight programs can be organized into a schedule to create single-day, multi-day and seasonal experiments. Within a schedule, programs can be set to run once or repeat up to 99 times, or they can be set to run indefinitely for long-term experiments.

For added flexibility, users can replace or add sensors as needs change and adjust the offset calibration through the touchscreen display. Users can adjust non-program based processes, such as fan speed control and the type of temperature transition (i.e., step or ramp).

Argus Titan Control System

The home screen provides an easy-viewing dashboard

CMP6060 Schedule Screen

Organize up to eight programs in a schedule

CMP6060 Programs Screen

Create up to 16 programs

CMP6060 Edit Program Screen

Program up to 18 control parameters

CMP6060 Trend Graph Screen

Visualize up to seven control processes

CMP6060 Alarm Screen

Audible and visual alarms alert users

Access Research Data

Control processes are automatically logged and five days of history can be accessed. Up to seven of the processes can be viewed one at a time as trend graphs on the touchscreen display, which show set-point and actual values that are logged every 30 seconds. Zoom and pan functions ease visualization of trend data, which can also be saved to a USB stick.

For more extensive analysis, every 18 seconds CMP6060 automatically records every input/output parameter that is being controlled and monitored. This comprehensive, high-resolution data is available to users and service personnel from any network- or Internet-connected PC, or through Central Management.

Protect Your Plants

To protect your experiments from unintended changes, access to User, Administrator and Service levels is protected by passwords. Users can define audible and color-coded alarms on the touchscreen display to alert them to conditions within the chamber. The most recent 16 alarms appear clearly on the display and a complete alarm history can be retrieved through any network- or Internet-connected PC, or through Central Management.


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