Arabidopsis Chambers and Rooms

MTPS with Flex Option | GROWTH ROOM

Configured with the Flex option, an MTPS plant growth room becomes a highly adaptable environment for research programs requiring a range of plant heights and lighting intensities. The Flex option allows the MTPS to be converted from a tall plant/high light/single tier configuration to a short plant/low light/two or three-tier configuration. The flexible design means there is no need for special trades or services to adjust shelf height and airflow as research needs change. Simple plug-and-play design provides researchers with easily adjustable and removable cantilevered canopies.


The PGC FLEX offers the ultimate in flexibility. In its standard configuration, the chamber operates as a single-tier highlight growth chamber with a counterbalanced light canopy and upward airflow. A simple conversion alters the chamber’s configuration to either a double or triple tier configuration with medium light intensity and horizontal airflow.


The MTR30 has features very similar to the PGR15. However, the MTR30 contains two shelves thereby doubling the growth area available in the PGR15, yet with the same footprint. With 30 ft2 (2.79 m2) of growth area and 25 inches (635 mm) of growth height, the MTR30 is suitable for a range of applications including the growth of short to medium height plants that require moderate light intensity. The chamber is shipped fully assembled, fits through standard doorways, and has a low overall height for confined ceiling spaces.


Conviron’s MTPS provides a multi-tier chamber based on a modular platform and is available in increments of 72 ft2 (6.6 m2). This chamber configuration is often used for research involving C3 and similar low light, short plants. This makes the chamber ideal for use in mass-screening projects and for sizeable plant propagation programs. Pressurized and perforated side-wall plenums deliver air across each of three independently lit tiers integrated into fixed shelving banks on either side of a center aisle way.


The E7/2 offers two independently controlled growth areas in a single unit making this model ideally suited for applications where smaller experiments need to be conducted in different environments, all in a small footprint. Despite its limited footprint, the E7/2 offers over 23” (585mm) of growth height in each compartment and over 8.2ft2 (0.76m2) of total growth area. Please consult Conviron for your specific requirements.
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The ATC60 provides an exceptional growth-area-to-footprint ratio. It uses a top-mounted refrigeration system that accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and that simplifies on-site installation. The ATC60 offers three tiers with almost 60 ft2 (5.5 m2) of growth area in a 25 ft2 (2.32 m2) footprint. With a growth height of 20 inches (510 mm) above each shelf, the ATC60 is ideally suited for Arabidopsis and other short to medium height plants.


The ATC40 employs a top-mounted refrigeration system. This design minimizes the product footprint, accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and simplifies on-site installation. Using two shelves, each with 32 inches (800 mm) of growth height, the ATC40 offers nearly 40 ft2 (3.7 m2) of growth area and accommodates medium to large size plants. This combination of features provides an excellent product for growing Arabidopsis from seed to full maturity, as well as other taller, medium-light plant species.


The A1000 plant growth chamber offers the unique ability to adapt to four different research applications in an economical equipment platform. The base chamber itself can be fitted with one of four specially configured kits, and each kit is specifically designed for a particular application including: Plant Growth, Arabidopsis, Tissue Culture, and Incubation. By varying the configuration of the airflow, light, and shelving, each kit defines one of the four applications. The A1000 is also available with several options such as phenolic coated coils and network communication.