CMP6010 Control System

CMP6010 : Accuracy Made Simple

With its modest palette of features and capabilities, the CMP6010 is easy to learn yet powerful and robust in its ability to accurately control. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the CMP6010 allows you to control temperature, humidity and light. And given its compact, integrated design and fewer parts, service and maintenance are greatly simplified.

Local Control Interface

Among the many attractive features of the CMP6010 is the simplicity of its control interface. With pull-down menu logic displayed on an easy to read semi-graphic LCD, features include:

  • Programming set in real time on a 24-hour cycle
  • Stepped multi set-point functionality
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly program scheduling
  • Infinite cycle capability for long-term experiments
  • Set-point and actual conditions displayed in large characters for easy viewing

Data Management (Optional Feature)

With the optional data management feature, data is automatically logged every 18 seconds resulting in exceptional data resolution. The data is captured in one of several ways - using either a Conviron Memory Module™, through a network-connected or internet-enabled PC (requires LAN), or with Conviron’s Central Management™ system.


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