Integrated Technologies for Cannabis Production

Argus Control Panels in Greenhouse


Advanced Control Systems by Argus

An advanced control system is critical to translate the cannabis grower’s expertise and growth plans into action accurately and reliably. Acquired by Conviron in 2013, Argus has over thirty years’ experience specializing in the design and manufacture of integrated control systems for greenhouses and plant growth rooms and chambers. Having already designed and installed control systems for cannabis production, Argus offers proven solutions for comprehensive central management of entire production facilities, including growth rooms and building systems.


Cannabis LED Lighting

Lighting Solutions

The selection of lighting depends on the grower’s requirements for light spectrum and energy-usage. Most Conviron plant growth rooms and chambers have primary and secondary lighting or a mix of types – fluorescent, halogen incandescent, high pressure sodium, metal halide and ceramic metal halide, and LED – to deliver a range of intensity from 100 to 1,400μmol.


Cannabis Argus

Streamlining Workflow & Improving Control

We offer systems for automated irrigation and nutrient supply, as well as space-efficient benching. We have integrated highly automated phenotyping systems into our Growth Houses for clients performing more extensive research and development in their facilities.


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