Plant Growth Research

Over the years, Conviron has established a global reputation within the plant science community for its leadership in controlled environment systems. We maintain a comprehensive portfolio of products including reach-in chambers, walk-in rooms and research greenhouses.

Cannabis & Medicinal Plants

Conviron provides a portfolio of pharmaceutical-grade controlled environments customizable for each stage of cannabis production – from mother plant to dried bud – which provides growers the control and repeatability needed to maximize product quality and through-put in a commercial-scale facility.

Control & Monitoring

Through our on-going commitment to research and development, Conviron offers a family of control and monitoring solutions that are powerful and robust in their ability to accurately control and yet intuitively designed for ease of use.

LED lights for plant growth research

Increasingly, scientists and facility managers are integrating LEDs to meet specific research requirements and to reduce the operational cost of their plant growth chambers.

Custom Solutions

Our internal team of designers, engineers and control experts have the know-how to assess the project parameters and select or customize an equipment solution from our portfolio that can integrate seamlessly into the new or existing building services.

Research Greenhouse Solutions

Conviron Research Greenhouses provide unparalleled environmental performance in the control of temperature, humidity, air velocity and light intensity and are designed specifically for research applications. Engineered to your unique requirements, our greenhouses offer expanded research flexibility, year-round functionality and accurate replication of environmental conditions.

Industrial Test & Storage

Conviron environmental rooms are known for their precision, reliability, and application specific design. For nearly half a century Conviron has been supplying custom engineered environmental rooms with applications as diverse as the many industry sectors they serve.

Product Safety & Certification

Conviron’s commitment to safety and quality is evidenced by our substantial investment to ensure that our products and our organization meet universally recognized standards.